Streetwear: Take a Rare Look Inside the Studio of JBF Customs MUST WATCH

February 1, 2016 in Streetwear | 0 Comments

Custom shoemaker Jacob Blaise Ferrato, better known by his moniker JBF Customs, is known for his premium handcrafted sneakers. Consistently devising original silhouettes, JBF constructs each pair entirely from scratch. In a recently released video, the artisan has provided a rare look into his Cleveland studio. Shot and edited by Ian Moore, the short film documents the vigorous process involved in producing the vegetable-tanned Terrazzo, a unique silhouette that he introduced last year. Showcased through a stylistic black-and-white presentation, Jacob provides unprecedented insight into his creative procedure from planning to execution. You can watch the full video above and can head over to JBF Customs to learn more.


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