Think Different Pt. 118

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Artist Richard Prince Sells Other People’s Printed Instagrams for $100,000 USD a Piece at NYC Gallery.
Notorious for appropriating other people’s photos in his own context, Richard Prince has made an illustrious career in art, with his most expensive works selling between $3.4 million and $8 million USD. Previous appropriations include a snap of Brooke Shields naked at aged 10 and an extensive exhibition at the New York’s Gagosian Gallery titled New Portraits. His latest showing takes to Frieze Art Fair where he’s blown up portraits sizing out to 48 x 65 inch of people he’s found scrolling through Instagram. The images are screenshots taken with his smartphone and feature a short message by Prince himself as the last comment on each one. Dubbed by art critics as “genius trolling,” some of the images are marked up to $100, 000 USD. Not a single cent will go to the photographers, since his work falls under fair use.

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