One To Watch: Jay Electronica ‘Into the Light’

October 14, 2014 in This is my Culture | 3 Comments

Jay Electronica and director Jason Goldwatch have released the official trailer for their upcoming collaborative film, Into the Light. Captured several years ago when they traveled to the other side of the world to embrace the culture and search for absolute truth in life, the film sees the two embark on a journey through crowded monasteries, solitary mountain top temples, slums of filthy laughing children, and rivers running with blood and flower petals. “I documented as Jay walked a river of burning human bodies. We crash landed a helicopter in the Himalayas, and he delivered rice and clean water to a school in a refugee tent city,” says Jason. “[The film] is experimental in form and best described as a meditation in un-learning.” An exploration of spirit, Into the Light will be available soon.

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3 Responses to One To Watch: Jay Electronica ‘Into the Light’

  1. PK

    Already on my list.

  2. Gee

    Is he ever going to put out an album?!

  3. hilly

    looks interesting

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