Made You Look: Creativity in the Digital Age Trailer

September 5, 2014 in Street Art, This is my Culture, This is my Inspiration | 1 Comment

Made You Look documentary trailer from Look and Yes on Vimeo.

Made You Look, a documentary by Look and Yes, highlights the recent back-to-basics transition within the UK’s DIY graphic art scene. The film explores creatives, publishers and agencies who are, or are returning to using tangible means to make things rather than digital tools. Although this depicts technology in a negative light, one artist points out a fundamental advantage that modern tech brings, which is connectivity. With web content quickly disappearing into the void of the internet, the importance of having beautiful works which can be held onto is greater than ever. Enjoy the trailer and stay posted for more release details in the coming months.

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  1. Jakes

    The title sounds better than the film.

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