T.Magic Signature Series 2011 – Pre Orders Now Available

January 10, 2011 in Streetwear, T.Magic Collection | 40 Comments





Sup peeps! Pre orders are now available… Click Here!!!


40 Responses to T.Magic Signature Series 2011 – Pre Orders Now Available

  1. KANE

    Already got mine 2 days ago πŸ™‚

  2. Digitalkid

    The white one is nice but I can’t decide

  3. Ziggs

    Bought already.

  4. Manesh

    It looks better than the previous image.

  5. Steph

    I like it but………

  6. Ramo

    It was up. It had been lurking lol. Got mine and kept quiet.

  7. Ervin

    Black or white tee? πŸ™

    Think it will have to be both πŸ™‚

  8. Hells

    Thumbs down

  9. Op

    Blck jumper

  10. Op

    is copped

  11. AndreaG

    This is really growing on me now.

  12. Pk

    I’ll take all three please


  13. Wends

    Got one for my and my brother. Matchin


  14. HONEST

    its elimentary

  15. HONEST

    ‘e’ before the bum suckers start to think that I can’t spell.

  16. HONEST

    T, Please prove to yourself before proving to these empty creative heads that comment even when you draw just a line like… ‘OOOH SO NICE’ or ‘ COPPED THE WHITE HEHEHE’ – that you are capable of coming out with more out of the box creativity than just a template that’s been rinsed throughout your career so far. When I see this transition take place, then I shall support and respect your movement. There!

  17. Kane

    ^ HONEST

    πŸ™‚ looooooooooooooooooool

    Honestly speaking, no pun intended you’re entitled to your opinion but even someone who may not like his work should at least respect his creative catalogue.

  18. Janet Smith

    T-Magic is a creative force in his own right. HONEST – I don’t think he needs your support. Do you?

  19. PK

    Everyone is not meant to like T.Magic’s work. That’s the beauty. You can’t please everyone but I don’t think his creativity should be questioned. He make inspiration clothing, not just empty meaningless words on tees.

  20. Ramo

    This is funny

  21. Ramo

    …all comments welcome lol

  22. Marlon

    HONEST – first line “T, prove youreslf”


  23. Manesh

    “empty creative heads” lmao

    HONEST what makes you a creative professional?

  24. Kerry

    I agree with HONEST, replacing the A in Magic with a vector image is not creative, it’s lazy. It’s work any of you could do at home let alone a graphic design graduate. T Magic seems to be running out of ideas, he does need to raise his game.

  25. HONEST

    My comment was to ‘T’ and it’s my opinoin. He may not like it but am sure he can see what I mean. Am not dissing and nor am I a hater.

    You guys call yourself fans and cannot even spare him some positive thoughts to improve his designs besides, the childish and dead end comments you repeatedly leave… lmao!

    However, You guys can represent, lick, suck and the rest of it all you want. I’ll just leave it there. Thanks!

  26. Steph

    Just out of interest (HONEST) what current street brands do you like at the moment?

    Reason I ask is because I don’t see half of them putting thought into their designs. Just my opinion.

    I personally think T-Magic has a strong sense of brand identity and creates great designs when you look at his body of work. For me the last outstanding design was ‘By Any Means Necessary’.

    I like the signature series very much and think they will make a great collection to look back on.

    As far as design goes I think he is one of the best if not theee best at doing what he does. Everyone will have their favorite T-Magic design and everything he releases will not be as strong as the last but he has been more than consistent to say the least.

    It is good that one can criticize and maybe there isn’t enough of that on here or maybe his work is just that damn good πŸ™‚

  27. Helenfoster

    Interesting debate! If I see something I like, I buy it, simple.

  28. Jakes

    HONEST – If you feel he needs to step is game up that’s okay. You’re opinion. If the masses on here “represent, lick, suck” that’s okay. It’s our opinion.

  29. Pk

    T must be reading this rolling in laughter lmao

  30. Pk

    …cause I am…

  31. Ramo

    HONEST must be Koopa’s relative. It’s funny how Koopa has gone quiet and HONEST has emerged. Wait. Don’t tell me. He has his own brand coming out H.Magic lmfao

  32. Ramo

    @ Kerry

    Anyone can do what they put their mind to dummy.

  33. Dicey

    T.Magic is the man fuck the critics.

    He makes sick clothes and art and is on another level.

    As long as he’s creating, I’m buying.

    Always a fan from 2007 til forever.

    Keep doing you TM

  34. HONEST

    Like I said ‘I’ll leave it there’…

    T-Magic keep doing your thing but try and reach out to other crowds by unfolding different lanes with your creativity.

    These days we have some keyboard happy kids that can’t even recognise ‘Opinion, Advice and Critism from Hate (moist tongue f*cks). lol

    I look forward to the next design.

  35. Steph

    ^You forgot to mention what other street brands you liked????

  36. Steph

    I doubt you’ll answer my question lol

  37. Tmagic could you make some “Success Is My Destiny” socks! Just a thought

  38. Kerry

    @ Ramo

    Yeah sure, you could create a Caravaggio painting?

    You would have to put in years of practice and even then there is no promise you could do it.

    T-Magic is putting out work you could create on your computer today, which is my point.

  39. Kerry


  40. char

    why aint the shop working

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