New T.Magic Signature Series 2011… Coming Soon…

January 2, 2011 in Streetwear, T.Magic Collection | 60 Comments



Sup Peeps,

Happy New Year!!! Our best years are ahead of us!!!!!!

Today I present the latest edition of the T.Magic Signature Series which features the internationally recognized symbol for peace, which was originally designed for the British nuclear disarmament movement by Gerald Holtom in 1958. Many may not know but the symbol is a combination of the semaphore signals for the letters “N” and “D,” standing for “nuclear disarmament”.

Release coming soon… What’s your favorite from the series so far?


60 Responses to New T.Magic Signature Series 2011… Coming Soon…

  1. Mary K

    I absolutely love this collection. I’m new to your work and can’t wait to get my hands on your designs.

  2. Vickesh

    wicked man. 🙂
    i think this new one is the best.

  3. Ramo

    Happy new year mate. We have a new release, YES. Hurry up and bring this out. Nice touch to start the year!

  4. Jason


  5. cBoy

    Stunning design work as always. So simple yet impactful. They are all my favorite. Honestly can’t choose one.

  6. Gee

    damn son bin in the kitchen cookin up some real nassty concepts

  7. Jakes

    You’re very slow with your releases but they are worth waiting for. What happened to the xmas release?

    The new Peace one is the best so far. Maybe I say that because the others are old lol

  8. Anon2


  9. Hilly

    This is one of your best works. Really love the colour selections. Works so well. I want this now.

  10. Wends

    beautiful selection.
    great way to start the day!!
    thanks. love the blog 🙂


  11. MIKE

    You’re a branding genius! always look forward to your work.

  12. Specs

    Magic Moments means the most to me but I really like this one alot.

  13. Quills


  14. Esan

    Great design. Certainly one for my collection. Thanks for the small history on the symbol. Very insightful. True artist.

  15. Koopa

    With all these bright colours are you part of the gay movement? Gay New Year

  16. TAZ

    Sick, the new one is the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ramo

    This Koopa guy is still breathing?

  18. Ramo


  19. Janet Smith

    You are such an inspiration to make each day positive! I told about you during a book review I gave yesterday to a women’s group. Would love to interview you.

  20. P'M

    That’s a fantiastic idea. Simple

  21. Marcs

    With all these comments I’m sure you don’t need mine but I think the Red one and this latest one are the strongest. The images replace the ‘A’ quite cleverly.

  22. Donique

    I think the new Peace edition is the strongest. Really represents your brand. I’m not missing out on this one.

  23. VV

    OWWWWW! 😉

  24. Digitalkid

    What will this be? Tee’s? Jumpers? Hoodies?

  25. Marlon

    Very thoughtful work. Patiently waiting….

  26. Kels

    By far, the newest is the sickest

  27. Elliot

    Reeeediculous Tmagic!

  28. Elliot

    P.S. can’t wait to see what else you have coming out.

  29. PeterP

    Will you ever run out of ideas?

  30. Leema

    Super cool!! 🙂 I want one

  31. Brando

    I’m liking this new design.

  32. Donni11

    Fabulous! Keep ‘em coming. 🙂
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this release.

  33. StarJ


  34. Ziggs

    I got 3 words
    I like the Peace one the most.

  35. Pk

    Mr Magic never disappointments. Great to see the creative juices flowing. You mentioned a while back you had like 30 done…-coming-soon…/
    I’m dying to see more. It’s like they get better with time. How many will you release this year?
    And my personal fav has got to be the newest. Checking the site every hour until it’s released. I’m sure you’ll put it up soon 🙂

  36. Anton

    Not missing out on another on of these. It’s exciting collecting them. I don’t have a favorite. I like the all. One is better than the other.

  37. Base

    nice t-shirt branding as always. Wearing T-Magic clothing has always made me fell that extra bit special.

  38. Ellestorm

    How long till this is released?

  39. Manesh


  40. HustleKid

    Tmagic you need to get a shop.

  41. Racey

    I’ve got my finger on the purchase button soon a you say go lmao.

  42. Steph

    The T.Magic Signature Series is progressing nicely each time. What’s the release date?

  43. True collectors items!!!!!

  44. DAMN
    Its another banger


  45. WhoCareso

    Poor in my opinion

  46. --iiiii--

    Great concept!

  47. Helenfoster

    I think the last two that have been released are the best.

  48. Caramel

    You producing great design has become the norm but its always good to see what ideas you come up with.

  49. Zeze


  50. SH

    let PEACE be the journey!

  51. Danz


  52. How much longer are we waiting? 🙂

  53. AndreaG

    Saw this on your Facebook page. I want a t-shirt and jumper

  54. Wicks

    Nice and simple

  55. Op

    Your designs look so simple and easy to do but I bet if I tried I wouldn’t know where to start loll

  56. Ervin

    great way to break in the new year mate.

  57. Anon

    Dove + the magic hat are mos def my favs.

  58. BlowDat


  59. Darnel

    I like the keyhole one the best

  60. Rizz


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