New T.Magic Release: ‘By Any Means Necessary’

September 28, 2010 in Streetwear, T.Magic Collection | 47 Comments




Sup peeps!

A new T.Magic release on the horizon… check it out!


47 Responses to New T.Magic Release: ‘By Any Means Necessary’

  1. eSAN

    Awwww I want this so bad. Reminds me of ‘War of the Roses’

  2. Static

    The Great Malcolm X

  3. Chris

    Really love the piece.

  4. Utah

    My funds are low till friday but i realllllly want this

  5. Xman

    By Any Means………….. you killed it!

  6. Anton

    saw this on FB, SUPERB

  7. Will-I-am

    W-T-F? T.magic you executed this design tremendously.

    Well done sir

  8. Fidle

    Just bought mine πŸ™‚

    … The man has infinite amount of ideas

  9. Op

    I wouldn’t normally wear a gun on a shirt but this shows the weapon in a different context. Just got the white T. Happy Customer

  10. Jermaine

    Dats arrrrrd fam

  11. Liam

    What I like the most apart from the design is the composition. Very different to the normal stuff.

  12. Dicey

    Fuck me!!!!!!!!!! sick. got it soon as i saw it.

  13. Gee

    Dame son. Ain’t been on yo blog in a finny. Nu shits look ill.

  14. Shelly

    πŸ™‚ love your ideas πŸ™‚

  15. Marksman

    Point. Blank. Period.

  16. Veve


  17. Bought both the blacks πŸ™‚

  18. Zsaki

    this is big, just copped this, i have a war of roses and wet dreams tee for sale, only worn once, email me at if interested sorry for the plug

  19. Dan

    Great design. Got mine just now. Zsaki, what size?

  20. Marlon


  21. pK

    Hectic day at work only just managed to log on. Couldn’t believe my eye’s. He’s done it yet again. Your creativity scares me.

  22. Ramo

    War of the roses pt.2/remix πŸ™‚

  23. ?


  24. Wan

    That’s what the hell I’m talking about. Kudos to Malcolm

  25. Streetrunner

    Ur fucking up the game fam.. Need di ting but don’t av a credit card

  26. Anna

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  27. Whitey

    From out of nowhere this appears! Bought.

  28. SKYwalker

    Arrrrggghhhhhhh mane! This is too much

  29. Hilly


  30. Kane

    Just got all 3!


    You killed it lmao

  31. SMLDesignz

    When are you goin to make some jackets? This would look bad on the back of a jacket.

  32. will


  33. Badman

    can’t make up my mind which 1

  34. J.Khan

    I’ve just got me the jumper. Can’t wait for it to get to me.

  35. Koopa

    I don’t comment on this shit blog anymore. What waste of time.

  36. Wan

    Had dreams about this

  37. Kundai

    Bought mine as soon as i got the alert on facebook. You’re killing it bruv.

  38. Bobby

    Not hating but don’t really understand the fascination.

  39. BKD

    this is big!

  40. bristolboy

    omg only just got the email. Feel like i’m late. Gonna get mine now. can’t decide though.

  41. Static

    Having a closer look I read it as the gun is a flower pot? Give’s it a whole new meaning if I’m reading it right.

  42. Mensa

    The weapon thing is ClichΓ© but the design of it is undeniable. Not something I would wear but I appreciate great design.

    Well done

  43. Zollop-Italy

    My first T Magik purchase.

    Love from Italy

  44. Ace1

    Big up brother. This is Large

  45. Kate

    Just bought one for my brother πŸ™‚

  46. fenty

    me too lol

  47. Zsaki

    Dan, they are mediums

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