T.Magic Mania pt.9

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“Hey Magic hope all is well. Just wanted to show you some pics of my final art piece based on My exam theme of “Passions and Obsessions”. Hope u like it.
You probably get this a lot but i would love to collaborate with you one day. You’re the reason why i do what i do. The reason i found a love for art. I understand if u can’t being busy with everything your doing but i just wanted to say thank you for being such a positive role model in my life. :)”

Robin IceCream Rene

Big Shouts to Robin ‘IceCream’ Rene for sending your work through. I absolutely love it. I’m sure you’ll pass your exams with flying colours! Look out for this kid peeps, a collaboration could be on the horizon!


7 Responses to T.Magic Mania pt.9

  1. Helenfoster

    Love seeing things like this…… keep up the hard work

  2. Whitey

    This is awesome, fantastic work Mr IceCream!


  3. Kane

    When’s your next exhibition????

  4. Taz

    This is inspirational dude! Well done

  5. Anton

    Give yourself a pat on the back mr Icecream man.

  6. Yo

    liking the website man ….banging layout and posts…. glad to see my boy ice cream rene on your website too …. had the honour of going to school with him.

    Anyway basically i’m setting up a media company called ‘Unfinished London’… we’re interested in interviewing artists of all kinds and hope to produce a short film, begin producing beats and play about with photography. So far we’ve got a few artists lined up for interviews including Robin Rene and would be honoured if you could subscribe to the blog as a follower and leave a comment please.

    The blog at the moment is awaiting a new background but other than that it has some interesting stuff on.

    Please check us out at
    http://www.unfinished-london.blogspot.com and leave a comment

    Peace & Joy

    ‘Unfinished London’

  7. Dicey

    Another T-Magic in the making……… 🙂

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