Love Is My Foundation

February 2, 2010 in T.Magic Collection | 35 Comments




This is a special Wedding commission I recently executed for a friend of mine.

P.S. Keyhole Fantasies coming soon!


35 Responses to Love Is My Foundation

  1. Liam

    Absolutely love it! You have really mastered you style. There’s not a T-Magic logo on there but I can instantly tell it yours. Keep up the nice work

  2. Pk

    Keyhole Fantasies?????? What’s that???

  3. Anton

    Good work! ^ Sounds like a another release πŸ™‚

  4. Sarah

    Mr. Magic you KILLED it!!


  5. Wan

    πŸ™‚ SICK πŸ™‚

  6. Helenfoster

    Tmagic, you have NOOO absolute idea how much you INSPIRE with your talent and creativity.

  7. Bria


    Much Love


  8. Specs

    I wonder if that slogan will be released? More importantly waiting to what this Keyhole Fantasy πŸ™‚

  9. Veve

    I don’t really like it

  10. Marlon


  11. Will-i-am

    What’s the Keyhole Fantasies about?

  12. Fidle

    Not my favorite but like the slogan

  13. TellyMone

    Loving the new work. Wish you would be released this. I’d like to buy it for my girlfriend. When will new Artwork be available for sale?

  14. Robin IceCream Rene

    Just put a smile on my face . Amazing

  15. Bossa

    shit is HOT!

  16. Been a while since i posted but anyway lets just say keyhole fantasies is a brand new design that somewhat incorporates old TM themes in a new way. It’s on of my favourites i been trying to get him to release it since last year.

    Get ready to have your mind blown again. I’ve said to much already. Also thanks to all the TM community your comments and support are appreciated more than u know.

  17. Esan

    Arrrhhhhhhhhhh I need that Love Is My Foundation canvas with a matching T-Shirt.

    … Can’t wait to buy the Keyhole Fantasies asap!

  18. Cboy

    That art work is too fucking ill!

  19. Digitalkid

    Dope canvas

  20. starr


  21. Dicey

    A true masterpiece. When’s the next exhibition? An when’s Keyhole Fantasies being released?

  22. Gee

    Dats nasty yo!

  23. Kelly

    Just put this as my screen saver πŸ™‚

  24. Wicks

    Thanx for sharing this……. It’s so cool! Loving the colour!!!!!!!!

  25. I’m loving the Tmagicworld site but when are you going to update the Art Is My Hustle site. Dying to see your new work

  26. Taz

    I need ‘Keyhole Fantasies!’ and I haven’t even seen it yet!

  27. Geogre

    I like your signature rays coming from within the heart.

    Cool stuff


  28. Ravedave

    Great eye-catch piece!

  29. Charlene

    Dat lookz so peng

  30. Hilly

    your concepts are soooooo simply but look soooooo powerful and contain a meaning and message!

    Well done, you have my support for life!

  31. Andy

    Creativity never stop.

  32. Mex1

    Love your hustle, Keep going!

  33. Your friend must feel very special! Love the colors and the message.

  34. Wish I had a friend like you Mr Magic. There is something to be said about such a personal present – certainly beats a box of chocolates.


    Matt at CreativePen

  35. Keeda

    i want 1!!!! ^_^

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