Grime Is My Beauty – Halloween Pack 2009: Official Release!

October 28, 2009 in Streetwear, T.Magic Collection | 26 Comments






Peace to all T.Magicworld citizens,

Tonight sees a special release of the ‘Grime Is My Beauty’ Halloween Edition pack.

Only 25 packs available. A special collectors item for all you T.Magic connoisseurs!

Now Available here!


26 Responses to Grime Is My Beauty – Halloween Pack 2009: Official Release!

  1. Dicey

    Got mine!

  2. Taz


  3. Trevor

    Superb release. Nice insight on The Making Of…

  4. Kane

    Just copped!

    Dopeness… one of my favorite releases all year!

  5. Jakes

    Loving it

  6. Hilly

    I prefer the all white lol

  7. Specs

    Nice work!

  8. Ramo

    Love the T-Magic logo.

  9. Nathan

    Cant wait to get this thru the post, i just hope the postal strike’s don’t delay me getting it to long lol

  10. Xman

    Tried to buy this release but its not letting me. What’s going on?

  11. Peter

    had the same problem. Maybe a Paypal issue?

  12. Sophie

    Really need this

  13. Trevor

    The day I plan on buying the pack is the day there’s a problem…pissed

    Please sort it out!

  14. Elle

    Nice work

  15. Ravedave

    Been trying all day πŸ™

  16. Digitalkid

    Ordering mine as soon as I get home. I hope it’s sorted out by then.

  17. Kane

    I got in there early πŸ™‚

  18. Fidle

    I’ve just messaged T-Magicworld so hopefully I’ll get a response.

  19. Specs

    Lucky you Kane!

  20. Nathan

    Anyone eles got there Grime is My Beauty pack yet? if so what did u think of it?

  21. Specs

    Still cannot order mine πŸ™
    Seems to be a problem
    I messaged T-Magicworld and they said they are currently trying to rectify it.
    I’m holding tight!

  22. Kane

    Missed my delivery. Picking it up later today! Can’t wait.

  23. Dicey

    Got mine on the weekend… Absolutely love it! Top quality as always!!!

  24. Nathan

    did anyone notice the jumper is totally different for this set? i was told its the destressed look

  25. Dicey

    They have been like that for a while… The A.I.M.H, S.I.M.D, HOPE, WET DREAMS etc are all like that.

  26. Nathan

    nah ive got a lot of the sweaters an this is the first sweater ive had look like this, i even asked them at t magicworld they said this is the distressed vintage look as the collar an cuffs of the jumper are different, as is the part where the sleeves connect to the jumper as it has extra material over lapping on the front an back

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