Power Moves: T.Magic Meets Robert Greene, Author Of ‘The 48 Laws Of Power’

October 15, 2009 in T.Magic Collection, This is my Culture, This is my Inspiration | 16 Comments


Sup peeps!

Not too long ago I was blessed with the opportunity of meeting Robert Greene. In around an hour long in-depth conversation, we touched on everything from business to marketing and branding. I also uncovered a gem on why he named his most famous book ‘The 48 Laws of Power’. I’m dying to give away more info but I can’t yet.

The future’s looking bright! Stay tuned.

Check out some Youtube clips of Robert Greene after the jump.

Ps. Big shouts to Myvanwy and the whole Profile Publishing team!


16 Responses to Power Moves: T.Magic Meets Robert Greene, Author Of ‘The 48 Laws Of Power’

  1. Anton

    I’m proud of you. Always making big moves. You’re very smart dude!

  2. Pk

    Kudos to T-Magic

  3. Taz

    I love Tmagic but not sure about this one. That book is for Free Masons.

  4. Marlon

    Big up T!
    Loving the progress!


  5. Esan

    That’s a great look. Not to be rude Taz but The 48 Laws of Power is a great book when applied in the right manor and has nothing to do with Freemasonry and everything to do with winning in today’s day and age. Have you read the book?

  6. Fidle

    I need that ‘Survival of the Fittest’ sweater again. Mine got stolen ๐Ÿ™

  7. Pk

    ^ Pissed

  8. Nadine

    T-Magic you look young (18 yrs old) lol


  9. Andy

    Well done!

  10. Emma MC....

    Amazing….. big big big props! Currently reading the 50th Law….. also Amazing….!

  11. Liam

    That’s very inspiring mate. I look at you as the bench mark. Keep making moves and history!


  12. boring

    That man is the devil

  13. Trevor


  14. Cboy

    It’s always nice to see progress like this. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing… fuck the haters

  15. K Star

    Thats well cool!

  16. i don’t think Taz has read the book. i’ve got 3 of his books war,seduction & power all very interesting books

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