T.Magic Exhibition 2007: The One That Put Me On The Map!!!!

June 7, 2009 in Street Art, Streetwear, T.Magic Collection, T.Magic VIdeos, This is my Culture | 29 Comments

T.Magic Exhibition 2007 from T.Magic – Art Is My Hustle on Vimeo.

Here’s some lost footage from my 2007 Exhibition in Dover st, Mayfair, London.
I’ll post the MTV ‘About To Blow’ video next week. Also lookout for the new T.Magic Press page coming soon.

Stay tuned…


29 Responses to T.Magic Exhibition 2007: The One That Put Me On The Map!!!!

  1. Esan

    Big! I wish I was there.

  2. Helen

    It was that year when I first heard about you

    Great vid

  3. Pk


  4. Dans

    The people were loving u T.
    The work is so original.
    Saw some timeless pieces.

  5. Kane


  6. Nadine

    Luv u

  7. Trev


  8. Memories!

  9. Vee

    Thanks for posting. Never ever saw this before. Your large!

  10. Fidle

    Yessss~ wonderful! Success!

  11. Sarah

    Nice video. its odd to feel so proud of someone that I’ve never met, but i honestly couldn’t be happier for T-Magic.

  12. Lisa

    Ahh, loved the interviews!

  13. Koopa

    Fucking Bullshit

  14. Gee

    T Magic doin da damn thang!

  15. Marly

    Nice piece

  16. Ramo

    …the way this was edited is marvelous.
    Good job!

  17. Boring


  18. Ap


  19. Notts

    Good vid.
    Can’t wait to see the new press page.

  20. Esan

    ^ I’m hoping there will be a lot of interesting Tmagic articles in there ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Notts

    ^Hopefully. He hasn’t posted much press about himself though so I wonder.

  22. Esan

    ^ I know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I wonder what the next release is?

  23. Notts

    ^ Something exciting I guess

  24. Notts

    I’m loving the Tmagic mic in the vid

  25. Esan

    Nice touch!

  26. Hilly

    The presenter lady with the pink hair is crazy!!!!! I love her energy!!

  27. Mikelove

    I’d bone the girl on the left at the end of the video.

  28. Liam


  29. your works inspire me man; artist to artist. respect!

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