Kanye West – Love Lockdown Video

October 7, 2008 in This is my Culture | 25 Comments



25 Responses to Kanye West – Love Lockdown Video

  1. Lex

    U always post the exclusives. Nice Vid

  2. ramo

    He’s done it once again!!!!

  3. HMP

    Not sure about dis 1

  4. Wan

    It’s interesting

  5. Anton

    Kanye is beyond Rap

  6. Sarah

    I think he might be turning a bit crazy. He looks different to me.


  7. Tips

    Da Vid fits da songs

  8. Op

    This song has been out for sometime. At first I didn’t like but but it grew on me.

    Good post

  9. Yuizi

    T.Magic, Kanye would love your stuff. You should contact him and colab.

  10. katie mac

    on the vmas done live with the drums was better than recorded coz of the drums give much more bass than the track can
    love the song though good choice of post

  11. Helen Foster

    I adore the attention to detail in the viedo. Even the choice of colour used to convey the message. A very minimalist approach. Nice One

  12. Trevor

    He’s pretty clever premiering on Ellen especially for the type of song that it is.

  13. Paul C

    The video and tune almost has a calm tragedy to it…

  14. HMP

    That’s a fuckin weird video but I like it

  15. Gee

    The Tribal scene are ill.
    Reminds me of Coming To Ameria yo

  16. HMP

    ^ Or even the Busta Vid

  17. Alex Brom

    it was ok.

  18. Charlene

    This video is amazing and so is Kanye. I predict that your album will go platinum the first week

  19. Kev

    okay i’m feeling this an i with u all the way it takes balls for u to go in this direction. it takes balls to follow your heart.

  20. guess1

    Strange but good

  21. Illion

    This video leaves room for personal interpretation of the songs meaning.

  22. Yuizi

    Saw this today and i think it’s good

  23. Qiz

    Kanye Is The Man

  24. Sirus The Third

    I can relate

  25. Utah


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