T.Magic Presents ‘Loaded With Meaning’ Photos

October 6, 2008 in Featured, Street Art, Streetwear, T.Magic Collection, This is my Culture | 83 Comments

Let me start off by thanking everyone who helped make this show a huge success. A special thank you to my mother (the biggest inspiration of my life). I would also like to thank the thousands of people/supporters who took time out to come down to the exhibition. It’s much appreciated.

Right now there is a lot of interesting things happening off the back of the show. Don’t worry, you guys will be the first to hear what’s up. Stay tuned.

T.Magic Artwork is available here!

Plenty more pics after he jump.


83 Responses to T.Magic Presents ‘Loaded With Meaning’ Photos

  1. Liam


  2. Kev

    This was the best exhibition I had ever attended.
    T.Magic put on a visually stunning but yet thought-provoking show.

    Well Done, I’m sure your hard work paid off!

  3. Op

    Went down on saturday. My girlfriend and I were totally blown away by what we witnessed. The four canvases at the front entrance MASSIVE and just out of this world. Ray Charles had to have been my favourite one althogh all the rest of the pieces were great.

    If I had to rate the show it would be 5/5

  4. plez 007

    Lol ‘Broken Windows’ Defo my fav. Just bought one.

  5. Danz

    ‘LIFE’ is by far the best and most thought provoking piece of the exhibition. It really speaks in volumes. Did it sell? Is it still available?

  6. Whitey

    Me and my mate popped up yesterday, despite being soaked for a whole day, it was well worth the trip. if you asked me to pick out my favourite piece, id struggle to find an answer quickly, as each piece was so cleverly constructed, but in my opinion, Abandoned Hope had to be the best piece, so good its now my background on my phone.

    Was also nice to get my mate to take a pic of me posing next to Success Is My Destiny with the Platinum edition tee on…

  7. Jules

    U put on an amazing exhibit.

    Big Up!

  8. Veron

    Powerful strong work across the board.

  9. PlatinumJay

    Well before my comment gets swallowed up by the hundreds to follow ill leave mine…
    The exhibition was what i expected and alot more, been following T for a LONG while now, and this guy will never stop amazing me and u… Jus when u think u got good ideas, T slaps u in the face with a piece of his…lol…
    Ill speak to u soon man, jus thought id leave my bit here…. OvernOut…

  10. THAT WAS INTENSE! So much power, so much meaning! fam! i need to get Tate Modern to hold and exhibition for you! Officially your BIGGEST fan!

    dj kwik! ~ “FRESH WID IT!”



  11. Encs

    You sure know how to put on a great show. The work looked phenomenal and everything was so professional. Still can’t decide which one I like the most.

  12. RIck1

    The show has been staged very nicely. Pictures from the show can’t do the justice as each piece seen in person, especially “Surviving The Time” canvas looks very impressive and is by far the best one for me. He captured “The Great Depression” in that photo. I will like to visit Stonebridge in it’s state.
    Outstanding work T.Magic.

  13. Henry

    Best show I’ve been to bar none.

  14. clem

    well i think T.Magic may have shut up alot of his doubters with this show, me being one of them. I know the show would be okay but I didn’t think that he could produce over 40 great pieces of art for one show. Amazing show, amazing attention to detail.

  15. Zee

    I can’t believe all of this was done independently!
    Very Inspirational
    You should be proud of yourself mate.

  16. Sirus The Third

    Brilliant Show!

    I think Im gonna put it down as the best I has ever been to 🙂

    If you dint go, you surely missed out.

    Also got the chance to meet the man himself and even get a picture. Nice guy!

  17. Lead-O-pee

    These pics are absolutely wicked!
    Diggin’ every 1 of the pieces!

  18. utah

    I saw this on MTV. I love it all.

  19. Sarah

    Wow. What an incredible show. Amazing work by T.Magic. Love everything!! (especially ‘The Female Congestion Zone’ very clever.)

  20. Gee

    Tha Show looks fire son.
    Keep all dem haterz hating.
    U need to bring that shit to the states yo.
    U gotz projects just like us! ill work son.

  21. Specs

    The whole “simple message, simple idea” thing can only be pulled off if the artist has the background to make it legitimate and T.Magic does. This is some of the best work I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

  22. Courtney

    Well done T glad i caught th3 exhibition on saturday. work is on point

  23. DabbzUS

    What a show!
    TM’s work is supreme and speaks so loudly it hurts.

  24. Samantha D

    I love it. The message, the strong images, the contrast in colours. I haven’t even grown up in an area like that but I can appreciate great work. I want to buy one?

  25. Kane

    The show really lived up to it’s HYPE. The work is undeniable.

  26. Kane

    …Although I still wish there were T-Shirts for sale.

  27. Yuizi

    what a talent

  28. felle

    That ESCAPE Box is very creative. What made you think of that?

  29. Rowan

    Incredible Artwork.

  30. Taz

    The road signs look interesting. Were they for sale?

  31. Geogre

    The show was certainly a success.
    What pieces were sold and what’s still available?
    I need that Art Is My Hustle canvas on my wall.

  32. Esan

    ^ I just bought that piece from the artismyhustle.com site.

    Can’t wait for it to arrive! 🙂

    Very Strong exhibit!

  33. Taz

    I’m buying the Broken Windows and Success Is My Destiny when I get home from work. I prey they don’t sell out.

  34. Encs

    Just picked up the ‘Creating something out of nothing tee in both colours. Didn’t know it was on pre-order?

  35. Kelly

    Just bought one too!

  36. Paul C

    I bought two prints at the exhibition. I think they are on the other site. The perspect frames they were in looked fab! Might have to get similar ones.

  37. GTA

    Superb workz. I want ‘ Make poverty His-Story ‘ but itz sold out!
    I might get ‘ Keep Hope A Lie ‘

  38. Kev

    I’m now a proud owner of the Color Is My Flava piece. Everything in my room matches.

    Now I’m off to pre-order the new tees. I think I will go with the white this time.

  39. HMP


  40. Lacey

    Congratulations of your exhibition. All the work is lovely. I’m going to ask my Dad to buy all the slogan canvases for me.

  41. Plez 007

    I’ve been looking at the awork over and over again. For all those differernt ideas to come out of one person is inspirational.
    The female congestion charge is growing on me at an alarming rate.

  42. Tips

    Visited the show… 11 out of 10

    Nuff said

  43. Jakes

    This work is going to be worth some big bucks in time to come. I can see it now.

  44. GTA

    That’s the economic of art

  45. Elrado H

    What were the prices like because all of the works are not available on Artismyhustle.com?

  46. Jules

    They started from around £80 and went up to £3000 – Which I felt were pretty cheap!

  47. Rick1

    I hear there was an opening launch party. Any pics anyone?

  48. Claire

    All of the artworks looked a million times better in person. It was also nice to meet and speak to T.Magic.
    I’m sure he mentioned something about a clothing pop-up store in the future? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  49. Nuss

    I’m wondering what’s next from the genius

  50. Nutz

    T.Magic has certified his position in today’s street culture!

    Keep It Up

  51. juggs

    T-Magic is the fuckin truth… When is the world going to realise

  52. Lex

    Love the roads signs and the emergancy box

  53. pk

    When I went down to the show I was totally blown away by what T had created. Like I said in my previous post he’s a really cool guy. He told me that there’s a lot of BIG things happening… Did I mention a T.Magic pop up shop????

  54. Nuss

    That is great new PK.

    When can we expect that then?

    Did you buy any art?

  55. Pk

    ^ Not sure when

    Got paid yesterday and bought the Art Is My Hustle and Success Is My Destiny canvases… and you?

  56. Nuss

    Not yet. I can’t decide. I want them all.

    Any more gossip?:)

  57. Pk

    Not really. Although he said he has started working on a new exhibition next year but no details.

  58. Nuss


  59. NOTTS

    The pop up store sounds like a great idea. Will it be just t-shirts or a full range?

  60. Pk

    Not sure.

  61. Liam

    i’ve decided i’m going to buy the broken windows

  62. Grace


  63. NOTTS

    I want T.Magic is make more clothes.

  64. Bobby Trendz

    I’ve only just seen this.
    Where the hell have I been
    Great work

  65. kite_P


  66. Randy C

    Excellent show.

  67. Randy C

    Just saw part of it on MTV Base

  68. Tips

    what is that last piece mad out of? it looks textured?

  69. Elmo

    They need to put your works in the museums

  70. The new pieces look outstanding, love the contrast on the new pieces like Concrete Jungle and Windows to my soul.

  71. Guess1

    Dammit T.Magic!
    You’ve done it again.
    Rating: 10 Stars

  72. Koopa

    One hit wonder?

  73. Betty

    Seeing this just makes me EVEN more pisssed OFF that I couldn’t attend the show.

  74. Nicholay

    i love it man!

  75. Dicey

    I expected this from the genius.

  76. Shapes

    T.Magic brings that heat but u need to bring out more clothing. I need to get fly dude

  77. Nadine

    I’m upset I could come in the end… Don’t live in London.
    I wanna c sum pics of you Mr Magic?


  78. haqikah

    love the exhibition its groundbreaking and genuis

  79. M.L.K.

    T.Magic u is the best!!

  80. RH

    I love the concept and the whole atmosphere, the bright contrasting colours…They way you use different mediums for different pieces, and the simplicity of the rooms.

  81. Nighly

    Instant Classic!!

  82. Alex Brom

    I BOW in the presence of greatness!!! I

  83. KURKY G

    DAT IS F*****G PIFF

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