T.Magic Interview With Richard Shyomi

September 10, 2008 in T.Magic VIdeos | 27 Comments

Richard Shyomi T-Magic interview rough cut.

27 Responses to T.Magic Interview With Richard Shyomi

  1. Clem

    Well conducted interview!

  2. Nadine

    It’s always nice to watch him again and again and again.

  3. Pk

    Good piece T

  4. Kane

    ^ Rare piece. I can’t interviews with this guy anywhere on the net

  5. Trevor

    My friend told me about this interview and I saw it in one of the last comments but couldn’t find it on youtube?!?

  6. Qiz


  7. pK

    ^ Lol

  8. Fidle

    “Scarcity creates value”… I like that line Sir.

  9. Wan


  10. Ramo

    i keep coming back to this video since it was posted before

  11. Dicey

    He comes across a very honest dude. Not scared to speak his mind.

  12. Mike Love

    You’re a marketers dream…

  13. keep doin’ your thing fam!

  14. PaulGriffen

    Nice one mate

  15. Jess

    16 days till the show…I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. veron

    Good interview.
    I saw that guy in West End the other day.

  17. Charlie W

    If business is an art, then surely Magic is proving himself a master painter. Keep up the great work, sir.

  18. Our man comes across very well! great interview.

  19. Daven

    who got a look at the tee he was wearin, wonder how long b4 he brings out that new version of the hope tee

  20. Liam

    When I grow up I’m going to university and then I want to start my own business just like TMagic. You are my biggest inspiration

  21. Race21

    I bet u everyone who wants to a label googled ‘Pag’ cause I did!

  22. Illusion

    T-Magic is at the TOP OF THE GAME. He is single handedly repping the UK for the Best in Streetwear and Young British Arts.

  23. Yonis

    Your talent is truely God given.
    I bet your Mum must be the proudest women on earth!

  24. Pk

    Daven – I was wondering the same thing

  25. Randy C

    Can’t wait for the show!

  26. Koopa

    “Stonebridge a great place”… Don’t lie…It’s a HELL HOLE

  27. Gee

    ^ Those pictures on the Art is my hustle site looks like the projects yo!

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